STC’s Code for Communicators

As a senior member of STC, I am a technical communicator and, as such, the bridge between those who create ideas and those who use them. Because I recognize that the quality of my services directly affects how well these ideas are understood,  I am committed to excellence in performance and the highest standards of ethical behavior.

I value the worth of the ideas I am transmitting and the cost of developing and communicating those ideas. I also value the time and effort spent by those who read or      see or hear my communications.  I therefore recognize my responsibility to communicate technical information truthfully, clearly and economically.

My commitment to professional excellence and ethical behavior means that I will

  • Use language and visuals with precision.
  • Prefer simple, direct expression of ideas.
  • Satisfy the audience’s need for information,  not my own need for self-expression.
  • Hold myself responsible for how well my audience understands my message
  • Respect the work of colleagues, knowing that a communication problem may have more than one solution.
  • Strive continually to improve my professional competence.
  • Promote a climate that encourages the exercise of professional judgment and that attracts talented individuals to careers in technical communication.


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