Cynthia R. Walker, CEO


Writech is helping new and/or existing organizations communicate their goals, mission and specific position in the marketplace and how their services will assist or enhance the effectiveness of prospective clientele to generate income for themselves and others.

This is accomplished by developing published pieces such as brochures, pamphlets, articles, and all forms of media : audio, video, PowerPoint, WebPages, business and marketing plans and more.

Writech will create the highest quality technical writing with professional expertise. The objectives used to attain this goal are

  • Communicate with clients to ensure specific needs are met
  • Manage projects in an effective and timely manner from initial development through final production
  • Utilize all available resources to research writing projects
  • Update technical writing skills and abilities
  • Maintain a positive, professional attitude at all times
  • Employ a professional team with the range of experience and abilities required to attain our goal


Technical writing, editing and publishing professional. Writech specializes in communicating all types of information into technically sound, ethical and professional formats for a variety of audiences.

Writing, marketing, editing and proofing experts will design and produce written and graphic materials that will enhance productivity and/or increase/generate revenues.

Check the “Samples” menu bar to see a variety of finished and published projects.

As a senior member of STC (Society for Technical Communicators) we strictly adhere to their code of ethics for communicators.

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