strain gage department form0001

When assigned the task of creating a new web form for the Strain Gage Department at International Truck and Engine of Melrose Park, IL, Alan Einbeck came to me for help. As the subject matter expert, Alan communicated to me the department’s specific needs for this form, which he and I successfully created together.


Willow Funeral Home came to me wondering how to market their business without being aggressive (since it is a funeral home). I suggested an online presence. These days a lot of people go to their computer and do a Google search to find the nearest funeral home when a loved one passes away. Having photographs, a mission statement, directions and obituaries available online was the perfect solution for this 10-year old business! After that I redesigned all of the forms they use in their business, streamlining the intake process for them. Another win-win!

Health Food Store before and after forms0001

Portlynn Mason of Naturally Yours Health Food Store in Lake Geneva,Wisconsin, wanted me to try a seven-day fast and gave me a form that was so scribbled up with corrections that I couldn’t follow the procedure correctly and kept having to call her for guidance. That’s when I redesigned the form in an easy-to-follow format.  She was delighted, and so was I, along with many other customers.

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